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Exclude Late, Out-of-Country and CBA Orders

General Exclusions

Exclusions are settings that allow you to easily prevent certain types of orders from receiving emails.

On the Pro plan and above, you can exclude orders that are shipped late, orders that are shipped out of the country and Checkout by Amazon orders on the General Exclusions page. 

(Note: Canceled orders and orders that have already received negative feedback are automatically excluded at the Pro Plan level and above. Refunded orders can be excluded at the campaign level.)

How to Turn On Exclusions

  1. On the Top Navigation, click Emails > Exclusions.

  2. On the General tab, there are three exclusion settings available:

    • Exclude orders that ship late from solicitation? Orders are reported late by Amazon if the promised ship date is missed.

    • Exclude orders shipped out of country from solicitation? Orders are considered “Out of Country” if the delivery address is outside of the main country for your Amazon marketplace.

    • Exclude CBA (Checkout By Amazon) orders from solicitation? Checkout by Amazon orders are placed on another website but allow the buyers to use their Amazon payment information to complete the transaction. These orders may be imported with your other Amazon orders, but many sellers prefer not to solicit feedback from Checkout by Amazon orders.

  3. Toggle each switch to YES to exclude that category of order.

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