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Amazon’s recommendation for responding to a product review is to leave a public comment on the review. 

The Product Review Management feature in FeedbackFive makes it quick and easy to comment on the reviews you want to address:

  1. Go to the Product Reviews page and click on an item title to show the list of Customer Product Reviews for that item. 
  2. Click the title of a review to open the review comment page on Amazon. 
  3. Be sure you are signed into the correct Amazon account by checking the name next to “Posting publicly as”: Review Comment Form
  4. Add a polite message. (See tips below.)
  5. Click “Post a comment” to submit.


  • Make sure your comment complies with Amazon’s Community Guidelines
  • Do not ask buyers to remove or change product reviews. This is against Amazon’s policy. For more information, see  Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions and scroll down to “Misuse of ratings, feedback, or reviews.” 

Can I email the buyer directly instead of leaving a comment?

Amazon allows buyers to leave reviews anonymously and does not share reviewers’ contact information or order numbers. As a result, FeedbackFive does not recommend trying to email the buyer directly.

(Note: This is different than seller feedback.)

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