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Choose a Plan Level: Upgrade or Downgrade

FeedbackFive is a monthly subscription, so you can change your plan level anytime based on your business needs. 

To upgrade or downgrade your plan: Click your username in the top right corner, select Account and use the "Current Service Plan" menu to choose a new plan. (Before downgrading, check the charts below to make sure you won't lose any key features!)

Whether you just signed up on a free trial or have been a FeedbackFive user for years, you might be wondering which plan level is best for your current business needs. The two factors you should consider are: 

  1. The number of emails you need to send per month.
  2. What features you need.

1. Number of Emails

Each service plan allows a different number of emails per month. Consider your average monthly order volume (of all your Amazon stores combined) and choose the plan that best fits your needs:





Enterprise 8

Enterprise 20

Price per month






Number of emails

Up to 50

Up to 250

Up to 1500+ 

Up to 8,000+

Up to 20,000+

Overage fee per email






Number of free stores
Additional store fee
$10 per month
$10 per month



Enterprise 50

Enterprise 100

Enterprise 250

Enterprise 500

Enterprise 1000

Price per month




Number of emails

Up to 50,000+

Up to 100,000+

Up to 250,000+

Up to 500,000+

Up to 1000,000+

Overage fee per email



Number of free stores
Additional store fee
$10 per month


Note: If you have a Legacy plan (such as Pro-Legacy2017), changing your plan will automatically transition all stores on your account to the new multi-store plan so that you do not need to pay for several plans.

If you have questions about what plan is right for you or the differences between Legacy and Multi-store plans, please contact us.

2. Features

In addition to the number of emails per month, different plans include different features. The Free and Basic plans include only the most basic features, while the Pro and Enterprise levels include more advanced features, such as custom templates and campaigns. Read more details below:






Help Center support (self-service)

Feedback management & product review management

Ready-to-go feedback and review campaigns

Ready-to-go email templates and basic template wizard

Include targeted links for buyers to leave feedback or reviews

Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr seller accounts

Manually exclude orders from solicitation

Define solicitation timing (time of day, days after order & retroactive days)

Send emails manually

Advanced support (email, chat, phone)

Add unlimited users

Toggle between multiple marketplace accounts

Manage billing for multiple marketplaces on one account

Automatically exclude orders for certain SKUs (items)

Complete history of FeedbackFive activity for each order

Custom email template features

Exclude orders or buyers by email

Alerts for negative feedback and reviews

View, search and filter all feedback

Feedback removal request automation

Create custom campaigns

Automatically exclude orders that have received feedback

Create SKU-specific emails or add SKU-specific messages

Advanced timing (days after delivery, feedback, or previous email)

Advanced rules and exclusions (Checkout by Amazon, Late Orders, Refunded Orders, Out of Country, Feedback Received, Repeat Buyer, SKU)

Send different emails for FBA and non-FBA orders

Unlimited campaigns

One professionally designed email by a Certified FeedbackFive Email Designer ($399 value)

If you have questions or need any help deciding which plan is right for your business, please contact your Customer Success team here.

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