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FeedbackFive Release Notes: 2016

FeedbackFive Release Notes 11/30/16

The following updates have been released to FeedbackFive:

Holiday Layouts

FeedbackFive has added three new layouts for the holiday season. Simply go to the Wizard page and choose among the six holiday layouts you can use for your email solicitations.

Item Discount Rule Update

The system now allows you to input “0%” in the “Send for orders with discount percentage” rule.

FeedbackFive Release Notes 11/17/16

The following updates have been released to FeedbackFive:

Template Gallery

In the Email Templates Wizard, you can now easily see all of the layouts available FeedbackFive templates. There are general, product-related, and seasonal layouts that will fit your brand and/or the message you’re trying to convey to your buyers. Click “See More” in the list of layouts.

Emoji on the Subject Line

You are now able to add emojis to the subject line of your email solicitations. Simply click on the emoji icon beside the subject line text box and add your desired emojis from the list we have available. All available emojis have been tested and are compatible with Amazon’s Buyer Seller Messaging System.

Enabled product review alerts for all plan levels

Users on all FeedbackFive plan levels can now enable alerts for negative product review. You can enable this feature by going to the Options page. Alerts for negative seller feedback continue to be available at Pro plan level and above.

FeedbackFive Release Notes 10/28/16

The following updates have been released to FeedbackFive:

Match! Quick Filter in My Product Reviews > Customer Product Reviews page

You can find the “Match!” quick filter by going to the My Product Reviews and selecting one of your products. This quick filter will easily filter the grid to display only records with successful buyer-reviewer matches.

Displaying All Related ASINs in My Product Reviews page

In My Product Review Summary grid, a list icon can be found beside the values in the ASIN column (only for those with related ASINs). Clicking on it will display a popup that shows the parent ASIN, and all related ASINs in a grid. You are now able to select ASINs from the grid that will be added to the ASIN list. Related ASINs that are currently being followed are already selected/checked. After confirming your selection, the selected ASINs will be added to the My Product Review Summary grid.

7-day totals in the My Product Reviews page

You can now review your product reviews using 7-day totals (Total, Positive, Negative) by selecting these new optional columns.

Reactivation Wizard

Sellers who previously canceled their accounts can now reactivate without having to contact our customer success representatives.

Back to School Email Layouts

Back to School and Halloween email layouts are now available in the Email Wizard. Thanksgiving and Christmas/Holiday layouts are coming soon!

"Customer Product Reviews with Buyer Matches" page in My Product Reviews

This page shows all product reviews for all ASINs that have buyer matches. You can see this in the My Product Review Summary page, and Customer Product Reviews page.

Notification for first campaign solicitation

You will now receive a copy of the first email solicitation that is sent out after a campaign is activated. This is to notify you that your email campaigns are working right on schedule and to allow you to preview the actual email you are sending.

Upload a CSV file of ASINs on the Add/Remove ASINs popup

On the Add/Remove ASINs popup, the "Add ASINs from a File" button allows you to upload ASINs using a CSV or text file. Upon clicking on the "Add to ASIN List" button, the ASINs from the uploaded file will be added to the existing ASIN List.

Campaign Rule for State / Province

FeedbackFive stores on at the Pro Plan level and above can now create Campaign Rules for state and province.

Easier way of changing the email template name

You can now save your email template names without opening the actual template and clicking “Save as”. Click the pencil icon to easily change the template name right on the My Email Templates page.

Product Review CSV Download Update

The CSV download on My Product Reviews now includes the product name.

Track Package Shortcut Tag

The [[TrackPackage]] shortcut tag is now available on the Advanced Email Editor. If the order has a tracking number (FBA), [[TrackPackage]] links to the Amazon tracking page. If the order has no tracking number (MFN), [[TrackPackage]] links to the Amazon order details page, with the additional text: "(Then click on the "Track Package" button)”.

Updated filtering of the graphs on the Customer Product Reviews page

There are two selections in the Customer Product Reviews page: (1) ASIN family (“All formats”) and (2) child ASIN (specific format). This filter will change the information being displayed in the bar graph and face tiles.

New Columns in My Orders page

You can now see “ASIN” and “Date Imported” columns in the My Orders page. These are optional columns that you can select in the Hide/Show Columns list.

All referrals will be visible to the account owner

All referrals made on the account will be displayed for account owners. Other users will retain the same access of seeing the referrals they have submitted themselves.

Customizable shortcut tags

You can now customize several shortcut tags by changing the link and note texts to your desired messages.

FeedbackFive Release Notes 6/30/16

The following updates have been released to FeedbackFive:

Refer-a-friend to Earn Rewards

Refer your friends to FeedbackFive and earn $25 for each one that becomes a paying customer. Learn more.

New Email Layouts

In the Email Wizard, we have added a Simple layout that has a plain white background, black text, and no graphics. Some users get higher open rates using a plain layout.

Layouts with summer graphics, and the New modern layout are also now available in the Email Wizard. Back-to-school layouts will be coming soon!

Exclude by Email

If you want to exclude specific orders or buyers from email solicitations, but don't have time to log in to FeedbackFive, you can send an email to mark the order as "Do Not Solicit". Learn more about this timesaving feature.

Campaign Rules for Refunded Orders

FeedbackFive stores at the Pro Plan level and above can now create Campaign Rules for refunded orders. Go to the options page and click the Enhanced Feedback Access tab to learn more.

Product Review CSV Download Updates

The CSV downloads on My Product Reviews and Customer Product Reviews now include URLs to product pages and to the reviews on Amazon.

Merge Stores

Do you have multiple FeedbackFive stores with different login credentials? You can merge all these stores into one master account using our new Merge Stores feature.

FeedbackFive Release Notes 1/29/2016

Email Campaign Open Rates

Open rates are now being reported for all active campaigns. Go to My Campaigns and click “View Analytics”. Each graph can be toggled for 7-, 30-, or 90-day numbers.

Click-through data is coming soon!

All Email Campaign Analytics are available starting at the Pro Plan Level.

My Orders Search Bar

The search bar on My Orders defaults to search the Order # column. The drop-down selector can be used to select a different column. The new selection will be saved as the user default setting.

Valentine Email Layouts

FeedbackFive custom designs for Valentine’s Day are available on the Email Templates Wizard.

NEW Campaign Rule: Send to Repeat Buyers ONLY ONCE

There are now three options for sending emails to repeat buyers:

  • Send to Repeat Buyers ONLY - Selecting this rule will send the campaign email to a user who has purchased from you more than one time. The email will be sent for every order after the first order.

  • Send to Repeat Buyers ONCE ONLY - Selecting this rule will also send the campaign email to any user who has purchased from you more than one time, BUT, the email will only be sent to the buyer ONCE, even if they place more than two orders with you.

  • NEVER send to Repeat Buyers - Selecting this rule means that the campaign email will only be sent to a buyer if they have not yet been identified as a repeat buyer. Any buyer who places more than one order with you will not receive the campaign email.

Additional Feedback Data

On My Feedback, additional columns have been added to display the buyer’s response to the following questions:

  • Item arrive on time?

  • Item as described by the seller?

  • Prompt and courteous service? (if you contacted the seller).

My Product Reviews

  • On My Product Reviews, a notes column has been added for the seller to add notes about each ASIN.

  • You can now easily choose ASINs from your Amazon Product Catalog. Click “Add/Remove ASINs”, then “Add ASINs from Product Catalog”.

FeedbackFive Administrative Emails to Users

The list of users who receive Administrative Emails from FeedbackFive has been moved to My Account>Manage Users.

To select which uses receive Admin Emails from FeedbackFive, click the pencil icon to edit, then choose “Yes” for “Send Administrative Emails to this user?”

Administrative emails include negative feedback and review alerts, invoices, and the daily summary.

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