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FeedbackFive Release Notes: 2017

The following updates were released for FeedbackFive in 2017:

New Multi-Store Pricing Structure

We released new multi-store pricing, making it easier than ever to manage multiple Amazon stores with FeedbackFive, and saving money for many sellers. You can now put more than one store onto a single FeedbackFive plan, allowing them to share the monthly email plan rather than paying for a separate plan for each store.

If you would like to transition your account from our Legacy pricing structure to the new pricing, please contact us

Support for Australia (

We now offer support in Amazon's newest marketplace, Australia. (We now support the Amazon marketplaces in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.)

Onboarding Cues

We created an onboarding flow that shows new users exactly what steps to take to set up their first campaign, without ever leaving FeedbackFive.

New Help Center

We also introduced an enhanced customer support page with live chat functionality to help you get answers quickly when you have a question.

Enhanced Buyer-Review Match and Product Review Campaign Rule

We improved our buyer-review matching system so that users on Pro and above will see more matched reviews than previously and be able to contact reviewers. As a result, we were able to add a campaign rule option allowing you to send a feedback solicitation message after receiving a product review or to send a second product review reminder to buyers who haven’t yet left a review. Read more about buyer-review matching and contacting reviewers here.

New Shortcut Tags

We also added several shortcut tags to make composing your messages easier than ever, so be sure to check them out!

New Layouts

We added more email template designs to fit every season, theme, and holiday. These are available in the Wizard template editor.

FeedbackFive Release Notes 4/18/2017

The FeedbackFive development team is excited to share several new design elements with you. 

For starters, we've added a new shortcut tag. It displays the product image for the first item in an order as well as links to the reviews and contact seller pages. If you include this shortcut tag in your template, we recommend that you include a statement like this: "Please use the links below to leave a review or contact us if you had any questions or concerns." 

We've also added a variety of engaging email layouts for you to choose from. 

FeedbackFive Spring/Summer Layouts

We've added an opt out email address for sellers who receive notifications from buyers who opt out of further nonessential Amazon communication. Simply forward the Amazon opt out notification email to Want to automate the process? You can set up a forwarding and filtering rule; check with your email hosting provider for details.

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