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Request Negative Seller Feedback Removal

Two Routes

There are two main ways to resolve negative or neutral seller feedback and have it removed: by contacting the buyer or by contacting Amazon.

Amazon will remove feedback comments that are entirely a product review because this violates their feedback policy. Amazon will also strike through negative feedback on many FBA orders because Amazon takes responsibility for the fulfillment experience.

If a buyer leaves any other type of neutral or negative feedback, Amazon encourages sellers to contact the buyer directly and attempt to resolve their concern. Then, sellers may politely request that the buyer change or remove their feedback rating to reflect the service they received.

Amazon Removal

If a buyer leaves negative seller feedback but their comment is only about the product itself, not the buying experience, simply open a case with Amazon Seller Support to request removal. To open a case:

  1. Open the Contact Us page on Amazon Seller Central.
  2. Select Selling on Amazon > Manage customer feedback.
  3. Copy the order number of the feedback rating (which you can see on the left side of the My Feedback page in FeedbackFive), then paste it into the box and click “Search.”
  4. Select “Customer feedback removal request” and click “Next.”

Contacting the Buyer

You can contact a buyer who leaves negative feedback by clicking their name on the Feedback page. This will open a window with a generic message that you can customize. 

  1. First, offer help or service specific to the buyer’s feedback comments. 
  2. Then, once you've addressed the customer's concern, ask them to consider removing their negative feedback.

To make this as easy as possible for the buyer, be sure to include the custom link provided in the FeedbackFive message. This link will quickly remove the negative feedback with a few clicks.

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