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FeedbackFive Release Notes: 2018

Release Notes: July 2018

FeedbackFive is Now Available in the Amazon Appstore
You can find FeedbackFive (as well as RestockPro and MarketScout) in the new Amazon Marketplace Appstore, which is accessible from Seller Central. The Appstore features quality applications to help businesses that sell on Amazon automate, manage and grow their business.

Changes to Settings
We’ve consolidated account, user and store settings for a more streamlined user experience. You’ll find MWS, Enhanced Feature Access, Manage Users and Store Profile Info on a single page under Store Settings. The Accounts page and Earn Rewards page has been moved to the drop-down in the upper right corner. (Quick reminder, you can earn account credit by referring a friend to FeedbackFive!)

My Orders Table
We’ve also made some changes to the My Orders page. Feedback and sales data has been added to the table, and we’ve streamlined the buttons for a smoother experience.

Target Random Buyer Segments
Send campaigns to randomized segments of buyers with the “Send for order numbers ending in” rule. You can use this rule to test subject lines and more by sending a specific message to buyers with Amazon order numbers ending in the numbers you select.

Sales Dashboard Graph
There’s a new sales graph on the dashboard that shows your total sales over time and the number of units sold. It automatically converts to the primary currency for the marketplace selected.

Release Notes: April 2018

New Enterprise 50 Plan

You asked for a new plan level and we built it. The Enterprise 50 plan is for Amazon sellers who need to send up to 50,000 email per month. If you're interested in upgrading to Enterprise 50, click here to log in and adjust your plan.

Updated Affiliate Program

We've been hard at work perfecting our affiliate program! If you're interested in becoming a FeedbackFive affiliate, click here. (Don't forget that we also have a refer-a-friend program if you just want to introduce one of your friends to FeedbackFive. If you have a larger network of sellers who might be interested, you'll probably want to check out the affiliate program.)

Help Center

Our new FeedbackFive Help Center is a phenomenal resource, with information on everything from how to manage your ratings to best practices. We're adding new articles all the time, so be sure to check it regularly for answers to your top feedback and product review questions.

Content Highlights

We publish new blog posts on the FeedbackFive blog each week. Two of our most popular posts from Q1 were:


Want to sharpen your seller knowledge? We recently hosted a Feedback Frenzy webinar designed to help you make the most of your FeedbackFive account. You might be interested in checking out our recent Product Page Optimization webinar featuring Liz Adamson of Egility.

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