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5. Get Ready to See your Results!

Congratulations!  You’re almost done setting up FeedbackFive!

But if you’re on Pro or Enterprise, there’s still one more important piece to set up: Enhanced Feature Access. This Seller Central connection allows you to:

  • View your positive seller feedback
  • Send emails based on positive feedback
  • Exclude buyers who already left positive feedback
  • And more!

To set up Enhanced Feature Access, go to Store Settings > Enhanced Feature Access and click on “Click here for more information.” Or, click one of the links below to see the instructions in the Help Center:

You’re done!

Now, wait for the reviews and feedback to roll in!

Most sellers will see about a 20%-40% open rate and will receive their first ratings after 50-100 emails. If you try FeedbackFive for a few weeks without seeing good results, contact us to request an account review.

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